Our Company

SEOLIX (pronounced as “c-o-lix”) is a
global search engine optimization (SEO) services company
spanned across multiple global locations

We provide cost effective search engine optimization, internet marketing (IM) and social media optimization (SMO) services to global clients, ranging from webmasters to blue-chip companies.
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Our advantage

The services we offer are ranged from traditional SEO & link building techniques to our own innovations of results-proven methods

Our competitive advantage is the cost effectiveness of our services.
SEO Professionals
Highly skilled
We are an internet based company operating from the USA, Luxembourg, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Romania. Team SEOLIX consists of talented SEO professionals, analysts and experienced writers handpicked for their specific skills and hands on experience in SEO disciplines.
Operates 24x7x365
Available globally
Feel free to browse seolix.com or contact us should you need consultancy in our services. We operate 24x7x365 globally.
Our Team

SEOLIX nurtures a team of talented SEO professionals handpicked from different global destinations

The important thing is that we are a happy team; so that our clients get the unmatched quality in every aspect of their projects – from initiation to customer service. Furthermore, our 24 x 7 x 365 SEO process model enables us to serve our clients much better.
Awards & Recognition
Our process

SEOLIX is a process-oriented company

All our SEO services are conducted in a supervised, predefined manner that enables full transparency and smooth execution. Projects are allocated to the Executives who are specialized in carrying out the tasks. Every project includes a Team Lead, Senior Executive and Executives – this enables our projects to flow through a rigorous quality assurance process which eventually means high quality deliverables for our clients.
Leading project management tools
Most advanced project management, CRM and lead management tools available on the market today.
Leading project management tools
These services are completely online based so there’s absolutely no risk of any information loss.
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