SEOLIX went above and beyond with their services to us – building Web 2.0 properties with high quality articles and content. Prior to hiring them, our website wasn’t even ranked – now we’re in the top 5 results on Google! They have excellent communication, and easy-to-read reporting to track your orders.

Jesse Cohen
VP, Client Services
Stock Loans

In my opinion, seolix is one of the best service providers out there. I use their services for more then a year now and they help me a lot with my SEO campaigns. SEOLIX’s SB, Squidoo and article marketing helped a lot to rank better and to increase my traffic and income. The best thing about is that you know you can trust them with your eyes close and they are always there for you if you need help; the communication with them is also something that’s worth mentioning.

Rotem Gavish
Arcade Rush
Top Arcade Game Website

SEOLIX managed to offer some really valuable SEO services to us, of which the forum posting service has offered the best results to us. It has helped us to move our rankings for many medium-term search keywords from the 2nd page to position 1 and 2. I’ve already recommended SEOLIX to some my colleagues and will definitely continue doing so in future.

Andriy Moraru
Earn Forex
Forex Trading Information Website

SEOLIX brought up one of my keyword ranking from page 3 to page 1 on Google and I am a returning client; I’ll keep on working with them for their great service. They are really helpful when I ask them to edit a job that they are already finished, I really appreciated that. I could recommend their service to anyone but my competitors! Thank you for the great work!

Terri Law
Juicy Bling
Manufacturers of Swarovski Crystals Phone Cases
Based in Toronto, and
New York, USA

I am so thrilled to know that SEOLIX provides more than just premium SEO services.
Have been using your content writing services for a couple of my sites now and i must say that i am thoroughly pleased. The communication from your team is simply superb ! I really love the customer portal that tracks all my orders in one easy to use interface. And your hubpages creation service is #1 in my opinion. I’ve been looking around for a service like this for a while and am happy to know that my hubpages are “dofollow” and meets the quality requirements. Keep it up !

Beat Making Software Plus
Affiliate Marketer & SEO Consultant

I’ve been working with SEOLIX for quite some time now and I can say I’m 100% satisfied with their services. Their link building campaigns contributed significantly to rank my website #1 for the competitive keyword “forex secrets” – that sums up the quality of work. SEOLIX’s customer support is excellent and I can contact them almost anytime as they are available even during the weekends. 10/10 link building company.

Rishi Forex Secrets
Author & Veteran Internet Marketer

SEOLIX is a one of the most professional, high quality, dedicated and a flexible company that I have been working with for almost an year. My expectations have always been met, I’m constantly in the loop via their online project management portal – the work is top notch and that’s all I want. I recommend SEOLIX for anyone 100%. It’s a privilege doing business with professionals.

Erol Ertuk
Ben10 Games
#1 ranking site on Google for the competitive keyword “ben 10 games”



I have worked with many services in the past, and this TRULY is the best service I have ever used. This is also the most professional service I have used. From the top notch support, the actual backlinks, and even the final reports, this service as a whole destroys the competition. As for the results, now that is exactly in line with the rest of the service. I started out with keywords that I was having trouble getting ranked well within Google. Within two weeks of finishing the service, the three keywords I was targeting hit PAGE 1! Talk about a service that packs a punch!!!!! Don’t bother with any other service out there, skip the rest to work with the best!

BHW Member

All I can say is WOW. These guys are freaking crazy, within 7 days of my order my competitive HIGH search keywords are already ranking. One of our keywords got us on the first page of google already. Just get it that is all there is to it!

BHW Member

I wish I could say that this service was bad just to stop everyone ordering and allowing SEOLIX team to remain my hidden secret however that would simply be a LIE – This service is AWESOME – honestly I have no connection to SEOLIX team other than 2 weeks ago i ordered a Nuclear package. I have studied the reports (very professional and simply a touch of class compared to other reports i have been sent by other suppliers) and WOW the hard work that has been put in is shocking

BHW Member

SEOLIX team were always the first to get in touch with updates and partial reports, I was never the one constantly reaching out and begging for information regarding the project. Every update was informative and professional, and they made sure I understood that they welcome feedback.

BHW Member

Just an FYI for anyone on the fence: SEOLIX offers a great quality service here! Very professional! If you have any doubts, I urge you to try it out. I’ve had success with their services on multiple different websites, and will continue to use them so long as they work. Keep it up, and continue pushing out great quality links for me!

BHW Member

SEOLIX provides a great service. The properties the team produce look fantastic and since they are only using unique content (that reads well) will most likely stay up for a long time. In my last order there was a small mixup, but SEOLIX fixed it in no time which only shows that they value customers. Two thumbs up. Great service.

BHW Member

SEOLIX does great work. The prices are expensive but worth the good reports, unique targets and good properties. 90% of the 2.0’s I ordered last year are still up fine.

BHW Member

I’m going to give a shout out to seolix team for their excellent work. I use their frontier platinum service for every single client with excellent results. The reports are incredibly professional and can be passed on directly to clients, the work is absolutely top-notch, and they will happily comply with custom requests (I have a few completely customized packages through them). Additionally, when asked, they were more than happy to also update a google document with all of the pertinent info at the completely of a package, saving me lots of time!

BHW Member

Got my report for the Rockstar SEO package and have nothing but praise for what was delivered, I gave 6 keywords and saw big serp rises to the first page for all KWS which was bringing in great traffic. Unfortunately my web host has been down the last few days so my rankings have taken a huge hit which is obviously very frustrating, Hopefully as I move to a new host I will see the rankings come back. Whatever the case I highly recommend the badass package to anyone who wants great results, and I will surely be ordering again

BHW Member

I’m a website developer for a mid-sized web design company who doesn’t have the resources to have someone working SEO full-time for our clients. We can only get them so far with the design of the site, but really needed someone who could make the difference between page 2-3 and page 1. SEOLIX has delivered in every way and we are now using them exclusively for our client’s SEO needs. The communication has been fantastic, the reports have been incredibly thorough (and almost gives too much away!), and SEOLIX has really gone above-and-beyond in answering my questions and making me feel confident in outsourcing this stuff. Every single client who we’ve run through Rank Showdown at the highest level has seen huge leaps and still keep gaining even a month after the fact, both in competitive (insurance, retail) to niche. You can’t beat their prices and I can’t speak highly enough of their service! If anyone has any hesitation or questions, feel free to PM me and I’ll be glad to further my recommendation

BHW Member

I’m perfectly satisfied with SEOLIX’s services, absolutely amazing. I skyrocketed from NOWHERE to 20# in less than 15 days.. rank is still climning and will climb more, also on other keywords I’m on the 2nd page of google fron NOWHERE.

BHW Member

I have never seen such good work from any provider. The report shows pictures of the links with all the extra added overdelivery. My results are fluctuating as this is a new site. If Google were to manually review these links they wouldn’t find any flaws, everything looks natural and not spammy ay all. SEOLIX has my complete endorsement. Thanks for all the hard work and time you and your team put into my order.

BHW Member

The results are Wicked! SEOLIX work deserves a kick ass review so I won’t stop here. And even if I didn’t get any results, I would vouch for their work/links alone- top class quality. Content is highly unique and readable; that was major for me as I didn’t want any issues with the penguin or any upcoming updates. Web 2.0 sites are full of high quality images and Youtube videos, social bookmarks, wikiposts etc – I was also happy to see that there are over deliveries all over the reports! Reports are sick! Very professional – I’m gonna order another package for a client of mine – these reports are way good to be kept for me alone. All in all, money more than well spent! I was kinda skeptical if their flashy sales thread is all hyped up stuff, but now there’s no doubt. This is seriously high end stuff.

BHW Member

Just received my report on time and all I can say is wow. The most through, professional report I have received to date. Extensive list of where all the links have come from with images to show proof of social signals. Web 2.0s have both images and videos. Support was great basement. I was most impressed.

BHW Member

I made my first order a couple of days ago, and have to say this is the most impressive service I have used so far on Blackhatworld. Communication has been excellent, from talking with them on Skype, and now today receiving an email showing an early report of the work done so far. No sitting around here waiting for delayed reporting, getting anxious if the work is being done. These guys are on the case immediately!

BHW Member

We used the service on a brand new site, brand new domain that was setup 6 days before. All I can say is WOW. Serious rankings within 9 days of delivery very impressive. Money words are geographically competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending SEOLIX and will be back for more! 10/10

BHW Member

Results are nothing but fabulous. One went from nowhere to page 1. Another one is on the radar and been climbing ever since. For me it was a shift of momentum, practically a miracle. And it saved my job. Thank you SEOLIX team. Your service is a lifesaver. 7 stars from me. I will recommend this service to anyone.

BHW Member

Just had a custom order delivered by SEOLIX – just some web 2.0 creation with my own content provided, and specific requirements for each property. Price was very reasonable and the work delivered is outstanding. Everything was done exactly as required and attention to detail is beyond what I would expect. Report was spot on with everything about the properties set out in great detail. SEOLIX is definitely my web 2.0 provider from now onwards.

BHW Member

Amazing service from a great seller. I had nothing but positive results ++. I’ve tried this service out on a website about 2 weeks back. Results are off the hook. 2 keywords, our of 14 I targted, are on the front page. Another 6 landed on page #3. I got the rock star. Good pricing, good company , good package. They are solid. Thumbs up all the way and I’d recommend SEOLIX any day.

BHW Member