I have known Dean for quite some time now and we are always talking about the SEO world and how its changing and all sorts. As usual, whenever I launch a service I give him review copies and this time he gave me one. We both are very keen on improving our services.
Anyways, first of all, let me emphasize the elegance and professionalism of the reports he creates. They simply do look professional. These are not just basic .XLS reports but instead actual, proper, professional looking reports which would be perfect for simply sending to your own clients. You can easily tell that there has been a lot of work put into the creation of these reports.
As for results, they are simply breathtaking! Here is what my rankings look like just now (I gave him many keywords):
As you can see, rankings have been nothing but positive so overall I am pleased
So as you can see, my results are really good from Badass SEO and as well as that, Dean is a stand up guy and if you are truly looking for a “bad ass” service (pardon the pun!), then BAD ASS SEO would be a very wise choice for anyone looking for a service which simply does what its supposed to – get you improved rankings.

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Amazing service from a great seller. I had nothing but positive results ++
I’ve tried this service out on a website about 2 weeks back. Results are off the hook. 2 keywords, out of 14 I tarted, are on the front page. Another 6 landed on page #3. I got the rock star.
Good pricing, good company , good package. They are solid. Thumbs up all the way and I’d recommend darkdemon any day.

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I got 2 Rapstar packages from them before they launched here (via their website). It’s a really amazing service – the quality is great I mst say!!!!!!!!!
I targeted close to 25 keywords to neutralize my backlinks; I had done too many money anchor keywords before. After this services most of them saw a huge boost. A few already on the first page – lol…. Easy and simple as that – the best 200 bucks I’ve spent ever. ? Think their process is really good!!!!!!! ?
I vote 100% recommendation. Offers seem good too – placing a few more in a while for my clients. ?


I have worked with many services in the past, and this TRULY is the best service I have ever used. This is also the most professional service I have used. From the top notch support, the actual backlinks, and even the final reports, this service as a whole destroys the competition. As for the results, now that is exactly in line with the rest of the service. I started out with keywords that I was having trouble getting ranked well within Google. Within two weeks of finishing the service, the three keywords I was targeting hit PAGE 1! Talk about a service that packs a punch!!!!!
Don’t bother with any other service out there, skip the rest to work with the best!

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Dean was kind enough to offer me a free review copy of the Rap Star Package.
Our goals were two fold, 1.) To isolate within a certain percentage range of total links built, two main keywords that are proving stubborn in Google; and, 2.) Further balance the URL’s link profile with a certain percentage of generic keys and LSIs.
The amazing flexibility of Dean’s Bad Ass SEO made it very easy to accomplish this seamlessly, easily and cheaply.
How We Used the Rap Star Package:
Keywords and Keyword Percentage Distribution:
1.) Primary Keyword 1 (25%)
2.) Primary Keyword 1.a. (25%)
3.) Raw URL (10%)
Remaining 40%:
Generic keys and LSIs.
After having reviewed the (stellar) report, SeoLix distributed these keywords as instructed. Which is nice, since it is extremely stressful and counterproductive to receive a report from a BST provider only to discover they didn’t follow directions. Put simply, one need never worry about whether or not the service will be performed as described with ANY of Dean’s services. As a result, he’s become one of a small handful of my go-to BHW service providers. Reliability: What’s it worth to you?
Having only just received the report yesterday, it is far too early on to comment on SERP movement. However, and I want to stress this, the structure of Dean’s service is such that in the event of no positive SERP movement, we can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the site we used Bad Ass SEO on will require a far more aggressive approach; something along the lines of a PBN. Given that figuring out what is going to work for a website can sometimes take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, I would gladly pay Dean 3 or 4 times more than what he’s currently charging just to use Bad Ass SEO for approach-refining purposes. Having said that, numerous keywords are doing the mambo in Google, which is a welcome sign of things to come.
Overall, a great experience…as usual! I will be using Bad Ass SEO extensively over the coming weeks and months.
A word of caution: Bad Ass SEO is powerful. Dean is marketing this primarily as a profile balancer for a reason. Follow his lead on that, ask questions if need be, and for God’s sake don’t give him 1 or 2 keywords only, then come back in 30 – 60 days having an unwarranted fit about your site disappearing.

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I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this new service and I’m really glad that I did. I used the package on a local website of easy/moderate keywords, and I gave Dean 20 keywords across 7 URLs. I wasn’t expecting to see major movement on a lot of them, and I would have been pleased with just seeing increases of a few spots across the board. I was pleasantly surprised to see that 4 out of the 20 keywords moved from positions 6-10 to 1-2. Total 16 out of 20 keywords increased in ranking, and the other 4 may still move up as it was just completed a few days ago. The report is great, and it makes for a great deliverable for clients. My client felt like he was getting tremendous value for what he is paying (and that is a lot more than the cost of this package). As always the turnaround time and communication was excellent, and I’m so pleased with the results that I have already ordered 5 more
Thanks again Dean!

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I was one of the first to try this service, As always, Im totally impressed with everything! The link report is like no other i have seen, Very detailed!!! The links are very high quality, Top class like always!, These aren’t no automated Junk Links either!! I can see that Darkdemon’s team really puts both time & effort to make these links really count! If these packages were limited time copies they would go faster than a twinkie at a weight watchers meeting, Lol haha
Keyword #1 (High Competition) From #4 to #2!! & I didnt do too much On site optimization, So once i do that i will surely hit #1
Keyword #2 (Low competion) From Nowhere to #3 (Dancing like crazy)
Keyword #3 (Med competition) From #98 to #12 (Doing the google dance, Sometimes hits #9-10)
Those are my 3 main KWs i was focusing on, I noticed that my other 15+ Keywords are either dancing or went up by a lot! If you want to rank, & You care about your business or your site, & Want it to go a long way, Then this service is a total No brainer! I wouldnt have to think twice if i ever order again! If its from Darkdemon you better believe that you made the right choice!
Good luck DarkDemon! (You wont be needing it :P!)

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DD offered me a review copy of the Rapstar package. I’ve been using his services for months now, and have been extremely happy with them – I’m pretty sure they’re the best value (which means best results for the money, not just best price) on BHW. He also has incredible reports – as mentioned previously, you really could provide them directly to your clients. So when he offered me this review copy, I jumped on it.
I should point out that I used the smallest package, and I still split it over 2 websites. I really wanted to see what it could do. Both sites are for medium-competition local keywords in the same niche, but different cities (competition level for both cities is about equal). Both were hit by Penguin when it first came around, and I set them aside and focused on other projects, so I hadn’t done any other SEO on them in a few months. The reason I used 2 sites was because I wanted to compare different keyword mixes (after all, these were hit by Penguin – too many exact-match keyword backlinks).
Site 1:
I honestly didn’t expect much of anything from this site. I took a penguin-hit site, and pushed more exact-match keyword anchor links to it (16 different keywords in all). The package proved powerful enough to give me some results, though – several of my biggest-money keywords moved up at least a page or so. One of the very biggest actually went from nowhere to 42 – not bad for half the smallest package. And this was by doing everything wrong – really, I was making my penguin situation worse, but the links were good enough to give me a boost.
Site 2:
This is the one I was really interested to see the results of. If site 1 was the control, this was the experiment. This is where I was really going to test its claims as a portfolio balancer. I provided 119 keywords. 5 were my actual keywords, the rest were all completely generic anchor text. So how did half the smallest package do with this penguin-busting task? It killed it.
Below are their ranks before I submitted this order, the ranks the day after I received the report (about 2 weeks ago), and the ranks today.
KW 1: 60 > 34 > 46
KW 2: 61 > 32 > 38
KW 3: 61 > 36 > 34
KW 4: 100+ > 100+ > 53
KW 5: 48 > 37 > 34
As you can see, lots of movement, a little dancing after delivery (as expected), and some excellent end results. Of the ~40 (I know, overkill) keywords I’m tracking for this site, they all ended up an average of 21 places higher. And remember, this was with half of the smallest package.
Remember, these results are from sites that had already been hit by penguin. You’ll have much better luck with exact-match keywords if you don’t already have a penalty against you. Use common sense – when you order, use the right keywords for your situation. The fact that you can use so many keywords with this product is what can really make it a penguin-killer.
TL;DR: Portfolio balancer: yes. Penguin buster: it would appear so. Will I be ordering from DD again? Try and stop me.

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Slowly but surely, My main keywords improved from position #32 to position #23…and now #14

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I gave them 10 or so different URLs / keyword combinations, and asked them to spread the links even across all the URLs. This is a great service for diversity as well as adding social signals to your link profile. My report had screenshots from accounts on Facebook, Dropjack, Google +, Friendfeed, Pinterest, Myspace, Buzznet, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. Since I provided multiple URLs, different ones were used for each social site – so it appears very natural to Google as multiple pieces of content are syndicated across multiple sharing web sites, using various user names. Doesn’t get any more legit than that.
In addition to all the social signals, the seller also mixes in quite a bit of link diversity with wiki pages, social bookmarks, high PR profiles, and blog posts. And then to top it off, they send a bunch of 2nd tier links to everything above. I think it’s important to have social signals combined with sudden influxes of links, to make it appear as natural as possible. Overall a solid service that you can use to not only diversify your anchor text, but also your link sources as well. I’ve used Seolix quite a few times for multiple different SEO packages, and I’ve never been disappointed with the results.
Here’s an example of some of the ranking changes I’ve seen after using this service.
Kw1: Before: 37
Kw1: After: 12
Kw2: Before: 19
Kw2: After: 10
Kw3: Before: 57
Kw3: After: 21
Overall, I think this is a pretty great service considering the price. The best part for me is obviously the social signals, as there’s very few legitimate providers with real accounts that don’t come from a bot.

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Got my report for the Rockstar SEO package and have nothing but praise for what was delivered, I gave 6 keywords and saw big serp rises to the first page for all KWS which was bringing in great traffic. Unfortunately my web host has been down the last few days so my rankings have taken a huge hit which is obviously very frustrating, Hopefully as I move to a new host I will see the rankings come back. Whatever the case I highly recommend the badass package to anyone who wants great results, and I will surely be ordering again.

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