OP Approved. Really good linking shown and strong content writing skills shown. Overall very impressive and i would highly recommend this service.

I know SEO,
BHW Market Place Mod

Yea, wicked sales page. And this service looks sick. Think this is ideal strategy for current seo climate.


Good work guys. Got my report within TAT, also the web 2.0s looked great. Already notice some improvement with the pack of 10, and this is for hyper competitive keywords.

BHW Power Member

Just had a custom order delivered by DarkDemon – just some web 2.0 creation with my own content provided, and specific requirements for each property.
Price was very reasonable and the work delivered is outstanding. Everything was done exactly as required and attention to detail is beyond what I would expect.
Report was spot on with everything about the properties set out in great detail.
DarkDemon is definitely my web 2.0 provider from now onwards.


I’ve had such good results with your Rank Showdown packages that I feel the need to try this offer out, but my results have been so good, I almost don’t want to spend money on anything other than Rank Showdown at this point. Decisions, decisions.


Because DarkDeamon and his team did a good job before, I’ve placed a second (custom!) order. DarkDemon was polite as everytime before and answered my questions very fast and professional. Also his turn around time of 5 business days is really nice. I’m looking forward to the (nice) results

BHW Jr. Member

Got another partial updated on the web 2.0 that they wrote. I have to say the articles are very professionally written. I will be ordering a lot more of these packages. They have a customer for life.

BHW Jr. Member

Second grenade package.
Last one gave me a jump of about 20 keywords to the number 1 spot. Smaller traffic keywords, but when added up equal to about 500 more visitors to my site a month.

BHW Jr. Member

Report successfully received. The service has been impressive, a very professional and detailed report, the best SEO service I purchased, now just wait for good results. Very satisfied.

BHW Jr. Member

Just received my completed report. Very,very impressive. Everything well detailed, and the web 2.0’s are fantastic. Very well written and great images and videos to match. Looking forward to the results.
I think this will be the only place i come to from now for my seo services

BHW Jr. Member

This is pretty darn impressive. Service is timely, extremely well organised, and the reporting the best I’ve ever seen. Customer service is excellent.
Two weak points, in my opinion. Quality of the articles is about 5/10. Prose is reasonable, at best. Secondly, some of the properties are things like and which, personally, I’ve never heard of. There was a WordPress a Tumblr and Weebly on here but the others were not so great. I’d like to see a hubpages, a squidoo, and some more of these higher range properties if possible.
Basically, though, this is now one of the very few services on BHW which is actually appropriate for a money site. Highly recommended, and these guys are definitely pros. I see this being the thread of 2013.

BHW Sr. Member

Excellent work on my order
Keyword #1 – 40 to 5
Keyword #2 – 10 to 6
Its been steady for over a week


Excellent results – my rankings went up EVERYWHERE – you guys rock!

BHW Jr. Member

Just ordered, spoke to ‘Dean’ on there Live chat, great guy helped me with a ton of questions as I’ve turned into a fussy guy when it comes to SEO now.
Ordered Package #3 for some quite competitive keywords, I’ll be tracking them to see how it goes, can’t wait to see results and to order more packages on a monthly basis.
So far so good, I’ll update when I get my report and see some movements.
So far 10/10!


Just placed my first order. I decided on this service because of the hot chicks on the sales page… just kidding.
On a more serious note, this is the first SEO package I’ve ever ordered, on BHW or anywhere else.
I’ve spent the last week researching various packages on BHW and eventually decided that this was the one I’d test the waters with, simply because Darkdemon has been exceptionally helpful (answering many of my mundane newbie questions) and due to the “white hat”/custom nature of the product, given the website/domain.
Currently not ranking for any of the 4 keywords I submitted.
Looking forward to a solid review soon!
Thanks man!

BHW Jr. Member

You can tell a lot of time is spent on creating these high quality web 2.0s because they add an “About” page, pictures, videos, and use properties from different domains. They take custom instructions, which is really nice, since you can ask for drip feeding and interlinking (and probably more). The signals/bookmark voting done to the money site is also nice, since it gives a chance for your website to be clicked by real people + possibly put your story on front page temporarily. Wiki blast is a nice bonus feature to index web 2.0s and give them a little boost.
I ordered 2 grenade packages. Only complaint I have is they made mistakes on the first one: one of their employees used the same article in two of the properties and did not drip feed as I requested (also a bit of duplicate content on two other properties). So I did have to use my own articles on those properties. However, these guys were very professional about it and replaced all the “bad” properties and gave me 300 bookmarks to my money site as a bonus. Not bad!
Also, these guys did a great job on my second order and did everything I asked flawlessly. I believe the first order was just one of their rare cases.
You could even make a really powerful web2.0 network like this if you keep adding more content and building backlinks to these babies.


I have placed an order a few weeks ago,all i can say is Dean Mayor is a great guy and provided me with a great service
its too early to tell if my ranking are going up but as far as the report is concerned i have received it on time and the structure of it is very professional
Thank you very much for your excellent service
I will keep in touch to let you know about my ranking at a later stage

BHW Jr. Member

Order had been placed, and initial update has been provided. Still waiting for the final report with all the web2.0 properties before providing my feedback. But OP does give great personal communication.

BHW Jr. Member

Some weeks have gone by after the order was completed and I can say I’m satisfied with the results Haven’t really ordered a similar thing recently though but based on similar threads and the pricing, I think it’s a good deal. I have experienced some ranking improvements already as well.
Disclosure notes: the site used was not new and during the time period of the order, no additional work on my part was performed nor recently so results did seem to stem from this service. Competition is mild for the keywords I ordered, site had some on-page SEO done before as well which helped it rank for other keywords not ordered but similar.

BHW Jr. Member

3 weeks ago I ordered the rocket package for my new money site. None of my keywords were ranking prior to using this service.
Domain is 13 years old but it’s a competitive niche (web hosting).
I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:
KW1: N/A to 25
KW2: N/A to 23
KW3: N/A to 24
KW4: N/A to 108 (page wasn’t well optimized for this one)
I’ve also had the same drastic movement for a number of other important keywords.
Would I recommend this service? Provided things stay the way they are going forward…HELL YES.
Good work Dean!

BHW Jr. Member

Hello everyone! This is my first post on BHW, I have been lurking for ages and reading posts but never felt the need to post until today.
I have recently purchased a Grenade Package from SEOLIX and they are in the process of proving the links and everything as promised.
Thus far I have the social bookmarks provided already and am very happy. I assume I will be very happy with everything once it is finished.

BHW Jr. Member

I received my report a little over 2 weeks ago and wanted to do a review.
What I ordered – Nuclear Package – 100 web 2.0s
How I configured my order –
– I submitted 15 different domains (All in same niche) – Because I had 100 web 2.0s X 3 links each = 300 total links.
– I targeted 40 specific URLS on these 15 domains
– I used 4-8 different anchor text for each url submitted.
– The anchors/KW’s were mostly long tail low competition KW’s.
– The sites have been live for about 12 months.
– I saw SERP increases for approx 90% of the keywords I targeted.
– Im seeing the largest SERP increases in yahoo where many of the KW’s jumped from page 2 or 3 to page 1 on yahoo. I gained multiple #1 spots on yahoo.
Google SERP increases ranged from 3-12 spots depending on where I ranked before this project. Several of the KWs jumped from positions 8-9 to positions 1-3.
– After 14 days, all of the web 2.0s are still alive.
I think the results from above speak for themselves. I did spread this project out over a large number of sites and urls so I wasnt expecting the world, but I did get very good increases in search engine rankings for most of the KW’s I targeted.

BHW Jr. Member

Ordered “google frontier” about 3 weeks ago. earlier this week i got a full report as promised with a lot of nicely done work evidenced.
my site was making its way slowly to page one on what Google says is a high competition phrase. it was at the bottom of page 2/top of page 3 after several weeks of being online and of being worked on by another seo. within 24 hours of receiving the report of work done, the site started climbing, and now, less than a week later, it is in spot 2, page 1. granted that the work that the other seo was doing may have just had a lag on being indexed and so forth. but that is not my impression on what occurred because the jump in rankings occurred at the same time as the google frontier package being done. it definitely looks to me like this was just the kick in the butt that the site needed. thanks!

I Will Meet You There,
BHW Jr. Member

Thanks for your work on my site, I definitely saw increases in ranking, and I liked Dean’s quick response whenever I had questions. I’ll send you some more orders soon.

BHW Jr. Member

I’ve always just lurked, but I’m going to give a shout out to Cherry and the seolix team for their excellent work. I use their frontier platinum service for every single client with excellent results. The reports are incredibly professional and can be passed on directly to clients, the work is absolutely top-notch, and they will happily comply with custom requests (I have a few completely customized packages through them). Additionally, when asked, they were more than happy to also update a google document with all of the pertinent info at the completely of a package, saving me lots of time!
I have custom packages with longer articles, articles written from a certain perspective (for example, a review), custom videos, etc.
Seolix Frontier Platinum package and customer service is excellent, highly recommend for anyone that wants the best quality web 2.0’s possible without doing it themselves.

BHW Jr. Member

Ooooooohhhh, i’m impressed already; I received an IMMEDIATE confirmation of my order and the details within minutes of signing up — can’t say that about many other gigs i’ve purchased….

BHW Jr. Member

Order has been made.
I am already impressed with Dean.
I am feeling good about ordering with him!

BHW Jr. Member

Ordered a pack.
I have used these guys before and they were very good, I like the way you can specify your own structure…would be better still if it was done by the end of the week

WickedFire Sr. Member

Know SEOLIX for a while, always the top quality stuff!!!

WickedFire Sr. Member