Should anyone still doubt, for whatever reason, the value of unique content 2.0s (not ‘copyscape-passed,’ but actual, true-blue-from-scratch content), they need only order this service to verify what grey-white hatters have known for some time regarding direct links to quality money sites: Google has made quantum leaps in recognizing spun content; and, will thankfully — and instantly — index and highly-value content that actually ads value to the Web. In short, fancy-shmancy, multiple tier structures, while valuable in certain circumstances, are not always necessary when the content rocks.
I am a report dork, and DD/SeoLix satisfied my inner report dork. Further, an update was provided at or around the 3/4 campaign completion mark, which is appreciated.
A FREE Tier 2 blast was offered by DD’s client support division — it was accepted. I therefore anticipate SERPs improvement above and beyond what has already occurred; and even if it does not, I — and our client — is happy with the results thus far.
KEY 1: Not in top 100 to #1*
KEY 2: #30 to #10*
KEY 3: #9 to #8*
*In Google. *This order was for the smallest package offered.
I have no doubt that many of you think this service expensive. It is not. What is expensive is buying service after service that’s still rocking SEO as if it were 2010, that will either do nothing; or, will get your site penalised 30 – 90 days after completion of your order. That, my friends, is expensive.
I now consider DD/SeoLix my go-to guys when I need to outsource link structures similar, or identical to, what they offer with The Rank Showdown.

BHW Regular Member

Ordered Beginner package for a foreign keyword.
Had a chat with Dean beforehand to make sure everything fitted and was happy to place the order.
I’m not really that fussed about reports usually, I like to see the work has been done and to scan a few of the links and the final report took a bit of chasing but it arrived yesterday.
I think it’s been said before that the reports from Seolix are top notch and this is definitely the case. A 24 page Word doc to prove Tweets/Re-Tweets and the other Social stuff as well as logins for the Web 2.0s and Tumblrs and a comprehensive spreadsheet containing the Social Bookmarks and Wikis etc. Looks like a couple of hours work just for the reports.
I’ve seen a few small movements for the keywords I’ve provided but nothing major yet…with all the recent changes things seem to be taking longer to impact. Will report back with movements in a few weeks.
Overall, a recommended service ?

BHW Regular Member

This is the second time I was very satisfied with this service.
An impressive results was also achieved for non-English websites.

SERPs information before using this services
kw 1: #7 — Exact match: 8.1 K
kw 2: on page 3 — Exact match: 1K
Target Country: France ( GOOGLE dot FR )

Received the report 3 days ago.
One of the things that I like about this service is the “social signal”, but for other types of links are also maintained for the quality.

SERPs information after using this services
kw 1: Still dancing between #2-3
kw 2: On page one, it #4
Although it will be pretty hard to get #1 due to that position occupied by EMD with ccTLD, but on IM World nothing is impossible.
So after placing 2 order with different country target and get amazing results on both order, I CLAIMED that this services are ROCKS!!!

BHW Jr. Member

I’m received a complete report last week! Very detail and professional written.
Here I just want to the point and share my results.
My site are new (it’s one-half month old).
Before try this service I’ve been use 3 different provider here at BHW to boost my site rank at first 3 weeks.
The results are:
Kw1 : #18
Kw2 : #10
Kw3 : #5
Competition : Medium-Low
Main keyword : 1 word phrase (Brand name of product)
Targeted Country : AU
Then I decided to use RANK SHOWDOWN to get it into 1st page.
When the job was done, I’m little bit worried due my site get dance and dropped for 3-5 position.
But on other hand I’m happy to see this f*cking dancing, because I know it’s normal and this is a positive sign that my rank will go up.
I’m also see a new competitor come and beat my site position.
Then RANK SHOWDOWN start give their tusk for me!
Here’s the results after 1 week get the report:
Kw1 : #9
Kw2 : #9
Kw3 : #4
Hopefully my rank will continue to rise along with the increasing of new links that indexed on each day.

BHW Jr. Member

There its my short review about this service
– the report in the best i had received so far
– all links live and working , all delivered as promised, not at least 1 link missing
– article was 100% unique
– this was a beginner package but i got a lot of link juice from it
just purchased another package CHAMPION

BHW Regular Member

It has been about two weeks and I have to say I am very pleased with my rankings so far. I have made my way to the first page for all 3 keywords in google rankings. I have tried other services on these same keywords and had no luck. I hope these stick and Looks like it will thanks to OP. Keep up the good work and you will have this customer for a long time!


I ordered last week for beginner pack, now i have got amazing result, even the report has not sent to me but i saw the result; my main keyword jump from page 3 to page 1 ( dance from 5-9 ) AMAZING..
Now i plan to order more for my penalized site, hope this service can bring my site back to the game

BHW Registered Member

Ordered a showdown package 3 – Champ last week. Never been happier – this is THE most successful investment I made seoing my site this year.
I targeted 3 keywords, all with pretty stiff competition. 2 of them now rank on the first page and the other on second page. My traffic has quadrupled, sales have almost increased four times (guess 2 page 1 keywords did the trick) for the past two days. Never felt better looking at my paypal account LOL! I’ve been missing out on a lot!!!
These guys definitely know what they are doing. Links, reporting etc look super cool – I’m not too much worried about them though; all I wanted were traffic and google ranks!!!
That pretty much sums up what I’m going through now. I’m not going to look for more stuff as I’m talking with DD on ordering a butt loada rank showdowns for a bunch my sites.


Just got the rank showdown reports for the order I placed last week. This is much better than expected! Both my keywords are on page one on big G.
—> Keyword 1 – from nowhere to #3 (in a medium comp. niche) on Google. Seems like it’s gonna be there – been steady for a couple of days already.
— > keyword 2 – from #44 to #6 – similar competition. I didn’t expect this to move as I did try another service before.
The results are Wicked! their work deserves a kick ass review so i wont stop here. And even if I didn’t get any results, I would vouch for their work/links alone – top class quality. Content is highly unique and readable; that was major for me as I didn’t want any issues with the penguin or any upcoming updates. Web 2.0 sites are full of high quality images and youTube videos, social bookmarks, wikiposts etc – I was also happy to see that there are over deliveries all over the reports! Reports are sick! Very professional – I’m gonna order another package for a client of mine – these reports are way good to be kept for me alone.
Gotta mention specifically about the social media stuff they did. I’ve NEVER seen that much effort taken by anyone for my site, including myself. Votes-shares are all pretty good and for each, they have included the social post url, screenshot before and the screenshot after (after voting-liking). Highly verifiable; this way I know the work is done and stuff is easy to pin point. And I’m sure social signals have added series value on SERPs.
All in all, money more than well spent! I was kinda skeptical if their flashy sales thread is all hyped up stuff, but now there’s no doubt. This is seriously high end stuff.
0% regrets. 100% recommended.
10/10 for all!

BHW Regular Member

I have never seen such good work from any provider. The report shows pictures of the links with all the extra added overdelivery. My results are fluctuating as this is a new site. If Google were to manually review these links they wouldn’t find any flaws, everything looks natural and not spammy at all. Dean has my complete endorsement. Thanks for all the hard work and time you and your team put into my order.

BHW Regular Member

This was my second order and I am just as happy with the first. Professional report with excellent customer service. This was an EMD hit site, disappeared from serps, and has nowappeared on serps again.

BHW Registered Member

Ordered Rank Showdown package.
And forum posts.
Rank showdown made the kw’s move up considerably (currently still moving up although the speed at which it does is reducing).
That was for non-English kw’s!
They wrote great relevant content with pics.
Great communication and awesome report.
The kw’s with the forum post dropped 2 pages in the rankings and are now starting to climb up again. Probably the google dance.
Will order again.

BHW Newbies

I’m not going to review your service, because you have a lot of clients review how good your service! ?
For you who are still in doubt, I guarantee this guy provide the best service in this FORUM. If you are looking for RESULTS!

BHW Jr. Member

Rank showdown OWNS.
3-4 keywords pg.1 within a very reasonable time table. The straggler is climbing as i type.
the c. service is above par as well. all people have answered all my questions,returned all emails

1% B.Hat,
BHW Newbies

Just received my report,
Absolutely amazing results! 4 keywords moved up from page 6-7 to page 1-2, and many other keywords too,
Excellent quality web 2.0, and I was getting some traffic from them too.
Will definitely be back for more, and almost forgot to mention customer support, it might not be straight away response but their service is worth it’s every penny!
I’m also waiting for a monthly quote, hope to hear from you soon,
thanks a lot!

BHW Regular Member

At first, i wasn’t expecting the full report from SEOLIX, and suddenly after waiting for the report, it surprise me a big time, DANG !!!! it’s very professorial report from you, i’m gonna use this service for the future.
it’s a must !!!

Thank you SEOLIX – it’s AWESOME

BHW Newbies

I just received a report for 1 of several orders and I am extremely impressed. This may seem like an expensive service to some, but it is definitely worth the money for the amount of value provided. I am very happy that I purchased multiple packages and I have already seen some positive serp movement.djlance

BHW Registered Member

I must say am feeling pretty happy with this service. Good contact with Demon’s team, transparent reports and Demon always open for a chat.
Took the biggest package for a high competitive niche, everything just got delivered and awaiting final SERP movements.
I’m open to give an update in about 10-15 days, if anyone is interested, for more stable results but I see a positive impact already.

BHW Newbies

Just received my report on time and all i can say is wow. The most thorough, professional report i have received to date. Extensive list of where all the links have come from with images to show proof of social signals. Web 2.0s have both images and videos. Support was great throughout and really got the impression i was dealing with a professional business rather than some average Joe working from his mother’s basement. I was most impressed. Considering buying again.
PS it was the beginners package I bought so not expecting miracles
Thanks Again

BHW Registered Member

I have used this service for my 2 site ( new and penalized site)
new site (3 month old) = very good result, all keywords i submit to them, all move to first page. the most impressive is my main keyword now on #1 for a week, hope it will there forever
penalized site = Nothing change, i know it is very difficult to bring back penalized site. so i do not blame this service as other service no one can get the result too
any discount for retuning customer?

BHW Registered Member

Just re-ordered after seeing great results, i ordered the rank showdown champion package in the frist week of October.
Within 4 days I started seeing results….
My site is in the Health niche, and I would say 2 keywords were mid competition while other 2 are high competition.
and my site was NOWHERE…not even indexed….
From there it jumped within 2 weeks to positions of 26 and 35 and 49 and (one tough one is still getting ranked i will report later on that one)….
the keywords that are already ranking very well have about 4400+ search volume….and the other one about 6,600!
There was a lot of dancing around in the ranks (which was expected…especially for a completely new site/unindexed), which is now settled.
But apart from the ranking results, what I found great about this service is:
1) Communication: SPOT ON! Dean was always there to explain and answer every question I threw at him, never once did he ignore me inspite of his busy schedule.
2) Extra stuff: the package was only for Offsite-seo however he worked a lot on the ON-site seo for free!, added plugins, added niche related videos that are not infringing copywrite, changed the looks and feel, added pictures, worked on the tags etc….
3) the final report is very professional, I can easily re-sell his service to offline clients and do nothing but forward his reports and they will love it I am sure, there was so much detail in them, which was quite surprising other services I have used almost always hide some of the HIGH Pr links they get….but not Dean….complete Transparency.
4) Very friendly & Honest service, I was ready to order another package, but he actually STOPPED me! and said “we better wait to let the rankings settle to see where we are at, then we can decide if champion package is best for you or maybe something smaller would do the job, dont rush just wait”…..
so In short, a Great service that works! with very professional and honest blokes behind it, and I think I have found my final stop for all my SEO needs, dont need to keep jumping from one service to another anymore
Good luck to everyone! and will be reporting again after I have got my second package delivered, hopefully will enter the first page soon ?

BHW Newbies

Dean went out his way to help me before I ordered, so it’s no surprise this service is top notch. He’s quick to reply to all questions and is an all around high quality seller. A+
KW1 – N/A to 5
KW2 – N/A to 38
KW3 – N/A to 32

BHW Jr. Member

I received my complete report of my challenger package today and i wanted to say I’m really impressed with the work done. The report is very clean and detailed and i’m starting to see some little movements in my rankings.
Dean and the rest of the team are very professional and replied my mail very fast.
Now i will wait to see what happen in serps but i’m 99% sure there will be positive movements and i will certainly order again.

BHW Newbies

Report received as promised – got it last night, and am already seeing fairly significant movement. Very impressed by the package – the sales graphic didn’t really clarify which links would be pointed where, so I was kind of afraid that most of them would be pointed directly at the money site. I’m happy to report that the link tiering is both complex and fairly random (based upon a very quick inspection), which is exactly what I’m looking for.
I should point out that I bought the smallest package, and split it over 10 keywords (this site could stand a little diversity), so I don’t expect to see quite the same results as I would have if I submitted only a couple. I’m still very much mid-dance, but as of right now, most of my KWs have moved up around 10 spots. Will report back after the dance settles down, but you can expect to see more orders from me.

BHW Jr. Member

Recently had great results with the biggest package, all keywords provided moved from mid/high of page 2 to mid / high of page 1. I will be putting in another order soon and will report back how long the keywords stay on page 1. Good work guys!

BHW Newbies

So I bought the smallest package about 20 days ago, and finally the google dance is over. I’m not going to lie, this is by far one of the best bangs for your buck. I bought the 99$ package when my main URL keywords dropped from position #1 to about position 6-9 randomly. I decided to try this service as it looked way more advanced than any that I had done in the past. The results are stunning and I am sitting on position #1/#2 for my main keywords now!
This is the best SEO service you will find out there and the price is definitely right! Thanks again for the fantastic job on my project and I will now be ordering a bulk package from you! ?

BHW Newbies

I went into this completely blind. i know nothing about links, banklinks, articles, 2.0’s?, etc. etc. etc. Team seolix is stand-up. great customer service PERIOD. what a RARE find these days. I am learning as i go along and the team at seolix has been kind -paintence-answered all questions- made suggestions- fixed stuff- showed me reports- and alot more. im so impressed . i want to see one of those kewl charts for my stuff! im sure i will soon , if you are on the fence come over now dont wait!
These guys are PRO’S. thank you again.

1% B.Hat,
BHW Newbies

Honestly never been happier SEOING my site on this forum, before I found this Service. This is the most successful investment I have ever made seoing my site!!
I am also interested for a monthly custom plan, hope to hear from you soon…
By the way, any update for my project ? thanks…

BHW Jr. Member

Time for a review! I received my report back last week, but I wanted to check out to see how the rankings maintained; nothing short of spectacular! The main keyword I submitted is hovering on FIRST PAGE for more than a week, maybe it will drop back a bit but I’m very impressed to say the least. Thank you Dean (and the rest of the team).

BHW Newbies

This is my first testimonial on BHW, usually I just ordered and leave none, but I think you guys deserve more than just a testimonial, seolix service is a top notch, high quality work, and the most important thing…
wait for it…
yes, its amazing results!
I was mentioned some random T2 broken links (3-5 out of 3000++) and they replaced with all new 3000+
The keywords (high competitive) raise up from page 200-300 to page 2 – 3 within 3 weeks!
Now I just ordered another Champion with a twist to see what the future holds for me!
You don’t need to trust me, or any other testimonial here, it’s better to keep you all off the fence and keep the goods for my self ?

BHW Newbies

I received partial report absolutely amazing. I’m perfectly satisfied with seolix services. Dean and team doing work my website the exact way I want is what I need and what I pay for. They do just that and in project report fact. Can’t imagine a better company than seolix, compare with other services this service is still the best!!!. I’ll be ordering again.
Thank you…
Hopefully we can work together again, success always ?

BHW Newbies

So it’s been about 1 month since I received my report. I was impressed at the time with the professionalism and expertise of both the report and customer service. I bought a beginner package and gave -to be fair- a lot of keywords so wasn’t expecting miracles. Within days I started to see my website rise in the serps for 3 separate keywords.
One month on I’m still seeing my primary keyword rising in the serps. There are a couple of other keywords where I’m seeing rises, this is without doing any other linkbuilding so you can imagine I am really pleased.
If this is the results using a diverse set of keyword with the beginner package I’ll certainly be purchasing either the challenger or champion package next and focus on my primary keywords. Pleased customer here.

BHW Registered Member

I received my report 7 days ago, after a dance during all this week, the results look like still getting improvements but in a lower range.
I ordered beginner package for 1 brand new domain ( 1 month old) and 2 Local kw´s.
Kw 1 – easy comp – from nowhere to 21
kw 2 – medium comp – from nowhere to 26
So this are my results after the final report at this time, I hope in the next days they rank a little higher, at this point I am happy with the service since it is a new domain and already in the 3 first pages for that kw´s

BHW Newbies

I’ve posted a couple little reviews on here so far, but I always like when people give a long-term review. I’m almost at the month mark since I placed my order, and had a couple free minutes, so I thought I’d share the results I’ve gotten up to this point.
Details: beginner ($99) package, 10 keywords (not just the 1-2 they recommend) & 1 URL, 6-month-old domain, only 2 pages on the domain, but solid on-site SEO. Other SEO had been done previously, but it had been a couple months since any new links were built. Medium-high competition local niche.
Keyword – rank when order was placed – rank today – difference
KW1 – 44 – 20 – 24
KW2 – 45 – 18 – 27
KW3 – 26 – 17 – 9
KW4 – 39 – 27 – 12
KW5 – 26 – 26 – 0
KW6 – 34 – 32 – 2
KW7 – 35 – 23 – 12
KW8 – 57 – 33 – 24
KW9 – 35 – 28 – 7
KW10 – 32 – 24 – 8
Again, this is 10 keywords, on the package intended for 1-2. This service is obviously increasing the overall authority of the domain, not just temporarily propping up a couple keywords.

BHW Jr. Member

I ordered the Champion package 30 days ago. I received updates thru out and I had fast responses to my emails. Results have been great. With all 4 keywords getting a massive boost in rankings and they have been steady for the past two weeks with two of the keywords now at #1. I will be ordering again for other sites.
Thanks for your great work.

BHW Newbies

So far I have ordered 2 champion packages with Dean….only left a review for the last package….and not the current one…so here goes:
Customer Sevice: TOP notch, not a single email missed…and available extended hours via chat…answered every noob question I threw at him with a lot of patience…never cut me off…
Speed: 5/5…everything on time….a little earlier then initially estimated
Quality: the quality of the report as well as the overall experience has been nothing short of exemplary….
Ranking results: the most important part!!!…. ranking has gone from no where in the first package…to a first page
here is my publicly available rank report for a tough keyword I might add:
Now even though it shows around 11th position…I am actually getting around 6th and 7th in reality..not sure if micromasters is not yet updated or how it calculates but did check with a few friends in different countries all reported to see my site for the keyword around 6th or 7th position…
and this keyword has a volume of 4.4k!
Apart from the the above….
Let me just add that I haven’t experienced a more honest man in the seo business then Dean so far.
also, he gives many “surprise” freebies just for being a loyal customer..all of which show real results…
we had a few hiccups along the way….but Dean was there to resolve them all…
I think i found my long term seo provider and strongly thinking of reselling his services.
from what dean has posted above and…following the threads…i think its safe to say that “sespot” is one of those very annoying…unreasonable…and abusive clients a business could ever have….i have other businesess and usually I dont even bother starting their project…i just immediately cancel there order and dont bother taking their money in the first place…
once you are around long enough you start getting a knack of identifying these kind of people.

BHW Newbies

My review on a beginner package.
What I did not like:
Not being redirected after paying, it took three days before my order was finally processed.
Not being notified of any delays, a simple email would have been sufficient. They noted it in this thread, but to assume that every customer reads this thread to see what is going on is just a bit optimistic.
The order only took two working days longer, so I really cannot complain too much about it.
What I do like about it:
The report! This has been the most thorough SEO plan I have seen so far. Seriously top notch, and that for a 100$ is very impressive. I would have never been able to come up with something like this by myself. I am going to order more packages with these people
As for the serps, my KW are low comp and I am pretty sure that this package alone will ensure a good ranking. But I have a foreign website so i need some more local links to diversify.
Thanks a lot guys, I will definitely come back, I am especially interested in your gambling packages

BHW Jr. Member

I ordered the Champion package. I got the report last week. Fantastic report, very professionally done, and easy to understand even for a dummy like me .
I used to have “decent” seo. Then Penguin came and we were annihilated into obscurity. I bought their champion package more as a gamble than anything (for some pretty competitive keywords. 100k per month search volume.
KW1: From N/A to 45
KW2: From N/A to 51 back to N/A. I only got the report about 4 days ago and it said it’ll take up to 10 days for everything to go through so I’m not too worried.
Seeing any movement was worth the price of the package. Now I know there’s an answer. I’ll definitely be seeking a consultation to see where we can go from here.
I’d recommend this to anyone. It was the most simple thing ever related to SEO. Transaction, pick your keywords/site and wait for totally unexpected results. These guys know there stuff. Looking forward to doing a lot more business with them.

BHW Newbies

Just got my report, which is very detailed and up to standard!
I have seen already an increase in my rankings. My main keyword jumped from #6 to #3, and I think it might even increase more. It’s for a danish site and I am very happy with the results. Recommended, even if your site is non-english.
Will definitely try again.

BHW Newbies

Ordered Champion on 16th Nov when main kw was #91 in GUK. Saw some improvement initially but yesterday the kw jumped 59 spots to #14. This is a tough keyword with 5,400 exact monthly searches so I’m very happy and sure that I will be seeing further movement soon.
Got my report this morning, thanks DD. Will be back for more very soon.
Just checked the report – very detailed and very professionally presented.

BHW Newbies

I had a big jump a few days ago, and thought I was done. But then yesterday, about half of my keywords jumped by a full page or more. So with my beginner package, split over 10 medium-high difficulty local keywords, I’ve now moved from between pages 3 & 5 to between pages 1 & 3 – average increase is 12 places. And I’m still only 5 days out from delivery of my report. I’m not holding my breath for more movement, but I’m not ruling it out, either. I should probably also mention that this is a simple lead-generation site, with proper on-site SEO, but only 2 pages of content total.
So yeah, I’ll be ordering again. And I’ll be checking out Google Frontier – if I get half as much for my money as I have here, I’ll be happy.

BHW Jr. Member

I’m perfectly satisfied with this user’s services, absolutely amazing. I skyrocketed from NOWHERE to 20# in less then 15 days… rank is still climbing and will climb more, also on other keywords im on the 2nd page of google from NOWHERE.

BHW Newbies

I could go on and on about how wonderful this performance was and how it is the greatest thing since sliced bread etc. but instead I think the results can just speak for themselves.
Even before they started they gave me advise on on site SEO that could be changed around to help focus on my keywords. Then after that as you can see they performed the task with great results.
Thank you!

BHW Registered Member

I have ordered this service 4-5 times now, and every time it has delivered results. Just placed another order for a Challenger package. Thanks for a great service.

BHW Registered Member

I asked Dean a few days ago how I could improve the ranks after a beginner package was delivered to me, I wasn´t so pleased with the ranks after 2 weeks, and understood there should have been more anchor text diversity for a brand new site. So he kindly offered me a new package to improve the ranks for free, with more link diversity and LSI keywords.
Now I´m waiting for the results, but the reports show more LSI keywords that was what I was looking for this time.
Dean just just showed me that he is a really trustful and very professional SEO guy, and I will come back for more with him.

BHW Newbies

I don’t usually leave reviews for services because most are average, but I was blown away the first time and I just ordered another round for a long term project I needed help on.
Don’t even use the discount code, allow them to keep up the quality work.

BHW Regular Member

I was one of the first clients that bought rank showdown and my site is still fine at the front page, the service is truly one of a kind and is really a too low priced high quality package, not the crap available everywhere else that charge more, I have tried other services, But my #1 vote goes to this for sure, Just ordered champion again , Good luck with sales! Shouldn’t be hard to get any, this service is kick ass!

BHW Regular Member

I bought the rank showdown champion package when things went horribly wrong for me in every possible way. I did try out another person’s service here on blackHW – all it did was bring down my rank positions. I manage my company’s keyword rankings so this actually backfired on me – my boss was furious (he doesn’t understand the risks involved despite me telling him)! Gave me a week or so to fix this situation or to find another job.
I had a lengthy conversation with Dean over skype. Let me tell ya this guy is a genius, tremendous pleasure to talk to. He practically walked me through the whole scenario and eventually offered even to email my boss to convince him how seo works! Never saw it coming from this stranger I just met.
Later on I placed my order. Results are nothing but fabulous. One went from nowhere to page 1. Another one is on the radar and been climbing ever since. For me it was a shift of momentum, practically a miracle. And it saved my job.
I just spoke with Dean on another package for the same site – placing it this week hopefully as I want to get the current promotional discount. He recommended targeting a few natural terms along with my main terms – and I will do just that; he is the expert after all.
Thank you Dean (darkdemon) and his team. Your service is a lifesaver. 7 stars from me. I will recommend this service to anyone.

BHW Newbies

I’m a website developer for a mid-sized web design company who doesn’t have the resources to have someone working SEO full-time for our clients. We can only get them so far with the design of the site, but really needed someone who could make the difference between page 2-3 and page 1. SEOlix has delivered in every way and we are now using them exclusively for our client’s SEO needs. The communication has been fantastic, the reports have been incredibly thorough (and almost gives too much away!), and Dean has really gone above-and-beyond in answering my questions and making me feel confident in outsourcing this stuff. Every single client who we’ve run through Rank Showdown at the highest level has seen huge leaps and still keep gaining even a month after the fact, both in competitive (insurance, retail) to niche.
You can’t beat their prices and I can’t speak highly enough of their service! If anyone has any hesitation or questions, feel free to PM me and I’ll be glad to further my recommendation.

BHW Newbies

Gotta say this package had a substantial effect on my rankings, I’m now #2. After starting on lower page 2 it pushed me down to a low of 87, but 13 days later my ranks rebound to #2 and have been steady there for 2 weeks now.
My other keyword went from #20 to #9/#10 (front page!) in two weeks and stable.
I’ll definitely be signing up for another package.

BHW Newbies

I have used this service a couple of times now and I have to say that it is great. The quality, communication, and reports are great. Most importantly though I have seen solid rankings movement for both easy/medium competition keywords and difficult ones. Just placed another order, thanks for the great work.

BHW Registered Member

Hey! Hey!
I’m now at #1 for my term!
I’m definitely ordering more!

BHW Newbies

I receive an initial report, not final one. It was a bit delayed but I expected it as there were holidays and also many people complaint about little delays. Anyway this was not the big deal, the report was the best I have seen so far. I haven’t seen so detail and so clear report of $100 service. If you want just put your logo and send it straight away to a client and you won’t have any problem.
The quality of the links and the text are nice. The quad-crunch system or whatever they called it is working perfectly, at least for me. I was using very similar method and when I saw Dean’s explanation about the content generation somewhere in this thread I was sure that this is the right service for me.
The social signals are also nice quality, all of them are at least 100% overdelivered!
The web 2.0 properties are with images and videos. Without putting this into the special notes Dean’s team has found some of my site’s videos and put them in some of the properties.
For the rankings it is really to early to say but I feel a traffic increase from Google and also one of my keywords is starting to dance and move forward in last 2 days.
I have ordered another package for another site and will report after 2-3 weeks what is the outcome in terms of rankings.

BHW Jr. Member

Received final report – 15/11/12
Keywords positions on 30/12/12:
keyword 1 – moved from #210 to #22
keyword 2 – moved from #34 to #11

BHW Registered Member

Received my final report!! I am very satisfied with your service!!! Thank you……

BHW Jr. Member

Just purchased one more,second package.probably i made over 15 orders just because this service really work.sent u 13 years old site ,never touched before but with very competitive keywords.
site is nowhere now,so every serp change will come from your links.i will update this after getting report.
Thx again and keep doing a great job

BHW Regular Member

Ordered another Champion package. I’ve ordered this service probably 10 times now and it always delivers in case anyone is on the fence.

BHW Regular Member

I ordered a Challenger Pack on 9 February 2013. I was informed about my order status regularly and was provided with partial updates while the order was in process and the communication was excellent.
The quality of the service is best among what I have experienced here at BHW. For me the QuadCrunch Content is the main USP as the content didn’t read spun and IMO should pass human review. The Social Signals and Web 2.0 are awesome.
The Reports provided are professional and reflects that the Service Provider is serious about the service. These guys delivered on what they promised and much more.
As far as SERPs are concerned, Main Keyword ranked from N/A to 100s. Also several of other secondary keywords around 15 are now ranking in 20s in Google with 5 keywords ranking at Page 1.
This service is truly VALUE for Money and the links delivered are not spammy. I have had ordered a few BSTs here at BHW and this is among the very few which I wouldn’t mind availing again.
Quality – 5/5
Communication – 5/5
Customer Service – 5/5
Value for money – 5/5
If you are serious about the quality of links pointing at your site then you should definitely utilize the opportunity provided by the OP and order the service without hesitation.

BHW Regular Member

I made my first order a couple of days ago, and have to say this is the most impressive service i have used so far on Blackhatworld.
Communication has been excellent, from talking to Dean on Skype, and now today receiving an email showing an early report of the work done so far. No sitting around here waiting for delayed reporting, getting anxious if the work is being done. These guys are on the case immediately!
Will be ordering another package very soon for this or the new Whitehat service ?

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My Main KWs are all now on page 1 of the 3 top search engines, I have no clue what you did darkdemon, This SEO service shouldn’t be available to the public…lol just kidding, im ordering again very soon!!!
I also noticed my traffic more than doubled.
KW (1) Not in top 100>#4 (Medium Competition)
KW (2) Not in top 100>#5 (Very competitive KW)
These were new KWs for my site and my site isn’t even fully optimized for these KWs, so im going to optimize the onsite SEO & Hopefully see much better results! Big thanks Darkdemon!

BHW Regular Member

We used the service on a brand new site, brand new domain that was setup 6 days before. All I can say is WOW. Serious rankings within 9 days of delivery very impressed. Money words are geographically competitive
What’s interesting is the words that were not included in the service are not ranking at all which just goes to show how powerful this service is.
I have no hesitation in recommending SEOLIX and will be back for more! 10/10

BHW Newbies

Received my reports just a day ago! Just when I’m about to give up on SEO these guys DID IT!
Keyword #1 – From #22 to First page!
Keyword #2 – From #23 to First page!
The reports are off the hook. Simply the best reporting techniques I’ve ever seen. Everything is laid out with PRs, direct links, account login details and whatnot – to create the report alone, I’m sure they are spending a decent amount of time. Hence it’s transparent (I know what’s been done on my website) – true mark of professionals.
What’s more, they are SOLID. Tip top communication – he was always on Skype helping me out and a nice bloke to talk to, professional, helpful and friendly.
I can’t recommend rank showdown service enough. Highly recommend it to anyone needing a rank boost or a quality bunch of backlinks.
Overall experience and results = EPIC!!!!

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I just want to give a quick review about my experience with Dean and the SEOLIX team so far (bottom line: extremely satisfactory).
I ordered one beginner package (February 12) to get things started after reading some awesome reviews here on the forums. It’s a new site in a competitive niche (non-English), quality unique content and on-site optimization ready but no off-page done yet.
I got a prelimiary report/partial update on February 18, and the final report on February 21. The report is clear, transparent and complete. Main tiers, social signals and Web 2.0 were completed with care, and content is amongst the best I have seen.
Although it is obviously too early to report on any SERP movement, the quality of the work and the honest communication with OP has in fact prompted me to contact Dean again with a new and exciting “challenge”: start working on my main money site launched in 2007 which I have not let any provider touch to date
Definitely a provider I am looking forward to working with in the future.

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Like the progress of my order so far – HIT the front page and I’m yet to receive the final reports. Impressive!

BHW Newbies

Ordered one beginner and one champion package for two separate sites.
Beginner package completed – SERP improvements (yet to stabilise but up to top 10) – Reports given were top notch, rates as one of the best received amongst BHW services so far (tried more than 10 from BHW)
Champion package in progress – already seeing SERP improvements (from nowhere to 1st & 2nd pages)
Overall keyword competition is medium to high. Very satisfied with results will order more in the future.

BHW Newbies

Thanks for your job.
Kw 1 from Nowhere to Pos.12, 2 days after completion.
Kw 2 from Nowhere to Pos. 90, 2 days after completion.
Highly competitive Kw’s
Highly Recommended company for your Seo work!!!
Thanks Dean !!!!

BHW Registered Member

Just picked up another 2. More this week.:-) These packages are great for launching new sites.
If you need more links to boost keyword rankings, Dean is more than happy to oblige.

WickedFire Member

Beginner package ordered. I’m a fan of SEOLIX services so am using this for brand anchors to hopefully push a site recovering from penguin back onto page 1. Some main keywords are on page 2 at the moment so I think the mix of social signals and branded linkwheel could be exactly what is needed for the final push.

WickedFire Senior Member

Just got my report:
Firstly the links seem to immediately of helped rankings. My site was screwed by BMR de-indexing and Penguin. Most keywords were out of the top 50 and some have been slowly returning. Below is a list of the ones currently ranking compared to 27th July when I ordered this.
kw1- was 13th now 8th (up 5)
kw2- was 40th now 9th (up 31)
kw3- was outside top 50 now 13th
kw4- was outside top 50 now 14th
kw5- was 15th now 16th (down 1)
kw6- was outside top 50 now 40th
I was tracking plenty of other keywords too which aren’t ranking but it is exactly what I hoped to see from this service (didn’t expect such quick results). The one that went down a place is the main keyword which is over optimised. So on the rankings I’m delighted. Also I hadn’t targeted any keywords with this- it was all brand anchors (site name, domain, url) which makes the improvements so far even more impressive. I’ll report back if I see any more major movement. I am expecting more as the web2.0s might not be indexed yet and the directory links won’t of all been accepted yet too.
The report itself is in 2 parts. The first is a Word document which is awesome. Starts with little screenshots of all the social sharing which all seems to be in order. Then the Web2.0s which have unique looking content i.e. well spun. Then the article directories, edu and normal PR forum profiles. Finally screenshots of the Lindexed and Linklicious submissions.
The second report is in excel and contains the directory submissions with direct links to the 38 so far accepted. Plus the bookmarks and the tier 2 links- wikis, profiles and comments. There are generous over-deliveries in both reports.
All in all this is a big bang for the bucks. Very diverse set of links and excellent reporting. Looking forward to checking rankings over the next 2 weeks as I expect this will boost the site further. Will be ordering more soon. 10/10

WickedFire Senior Member

Goin to say dis again like I said elsewhere coz these ppl deserve it. Gave their challenger package a shot in december, got the reports last week and im now dancin like a maniac – yeehaa.. my first very high competition keyword was around rank number 84 and it is now at rank number 2 for a week on google.. and for during the past week I got 23 purchases for the product I’m promotin so I’m earning like a druglord lol. Reporting and work quality was fantastic too bt WTF i’m earning money and tht’s nuff for me!!!
Serious stuff ppl!!
10/10 – I very highly recommend rank showdown service!!!!!!!

WickedFire Senior Member

Best Service i ever had in my SEO Life.
Highly Recommended this Rank Showdown.I’ve used this service for my 3 website and all website on first page now. Atleast every one should try this service once.
Just Purchase Another Package.

iSynergy Media,
BHW +4407865483234

First thing I liked about them is the communication and specially when they mention your name which tells you something how well organized they are!
By the time I got the partial report I was watching my keywords ranking and at some point they lost ranking and I was disappointed and worried but soon to find out it was part of the game (yeah I am new to SEO).
Days later my results are:
Keyword 1: N/A to to 27
Keyword 2: N/A to 150
Keyword 3: N/A to 144
Will def order another package when I am ready – after reading that negative post I ordered from someone else’s SEO service, but now that everything is clear by Dean sure soon enough will come back here.


Ordering 5 of 5
Ordered 2 Challenger Packages for 2 different higher profile client sites with plenty of age. It looks like the order went live on Nov. 1. I spent a couple of days previous emailing back and forth with questions, etc. Dean was extremely responsive and the communication was great!
Reports 5 of 5
As it has been said over and over again, the reports are stellar! One complaint (and I have the same complaint with most everyone else out there), NON CLICKABLE LINKS. I know, I’m being overly picky, but damn it would be nice if I didn’t have to copy and paste every link in the Word doc… These are still the best reports that I have ever received.
Content 3 of 5
With all the talk about super unique, manual quad-spunned content, I really expected better. I’ve been doing this a while and I know what a pain in the ass it is, that’s why I was most excited about and most let down by this bit… To me there was nothing spectacular about the content. It read like spun content. Pretty much all Web 2.0 submissions seemed very similar. To do it again, I would go with 2 beginner packages instead of the Challenger Package.
One of my clients goes through the reports and he was quite concerned about what he thought were poorly written articles with terrible grammar mistakes, but he loved the report!
Rankings 5 of 5
This is the part that most of you care about… Unfortunately, my rankings are tainted with and impacted by other efforts that I had going previously and since. The bottom line is that I do think that Rank Showdown did have the largest impact to my ranking improvements for both sites.
Site 1 – Google:
KW1 – November 1 POS 76, November 29 POS 19 Competition Exact Match 29,200,000 Searches Exact Match 110,000
KW2 – November 1 POS 29, November 29 POS 4 Competition Exact Match 78,500 Searches Exact Match 8,100
KW3 – November 1 POS 11, November 29 POS 9 Competition Exact Match 1,040,000 Searches Exact Match 22,200
Site 2 – Google:
KW1 – November 1 POS 78, November 29 POS 24 Competition Exact Match 1,260,000 Searches Exact Match 9,900
KW2 – November 1 POS 236, November 29 POS 17 Competition Exact Match 316,000 Searches Exact Match 3600
KW3 – November 1 POS 26, November 29 POS 12 Competition Exact Match 155,000 Searches Exact Match 4,400
I had nice images of graphs all set to post, but I can’t post images apparently…
Conclusion This is a great service.
With everything included, the sheer diversity of links, social signals, etc.. are pretty awesome. I saw positive improvement in my rankings and I would recommend this service.
I personally think that I may get more bang for my buck if I order all Beginner Packages in the future, and tailor them to one keyword each. This way I get a unique master article (or set of articles) for each keyword. If you order the Challenger Package you get 5 more Web 2.0s but that seems to be 15 articles written from the one master article (or set of articles). For the same money I would rather order 2 Beginner Packages and get 2 unique master articles (or sets of articles), spun and submitted to 10 Web 2.0s each.
Bottom line is that I will use this service again. Improve the content further, add in a couple document shares to Tier 1 and I will buy multiple packages monthly.

BHW idiot savant

This question just baffles me… We are 9 pages into purchases and reviews. I just gave a 30 day review with exact match competition and monthly search metrics. Yet you ask for a review. Read the thread, go beginner package for each keyword and see how it works for you, and make a purchase. If this sounds too harsh, I’m a dick and I don’t apologize. I’m 7 years into SEO and this service will move your rankings if you use it right.
This service works. (Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Seek more diversity in different 2.0s etc. If you go with one service over and over, that in itself is a pattern). It works well. There are 9 pages with reviews. All signs point to.. Buy a beginner package, and see how it works out for you.ankh.

BHW idiot savant

I received my report couple days ago and I must say I am really impressed with the quality of articles (with pics/videos and HQ grammar/content) and backlinks in general. Also, everything was delivered on time in a sweet report. But I should also mention that this service is definitely NOT for everybody. It is only for those who understand nowadays SEO and know that quality is wayyy more important than quantity. I have the right to say this because my stuff ranks excellent TODAY and services like this were the main reason for it.

BHW Aut Caesar, aut nihil.

Ordered 2 Challenger Packages.
Had some questions for OP. We went back and forth via email a number of times. If you have ordered from other link providers in the past, you will be pleasantly surprised at the time and attention that Dean is willing to put into your project AND/OR answering your questions. He seems very knowledgeable and I had no issues at all with communication or getting my points across.
Oh BTW, if you have YouTube videos that you would like to use with your projects, just supply him with the channel URLs…
If you are concerned about the price, here’s how I quickly justified it.. Looked at the sales page, counted the bullet points, I think I came up with 30. Multiply 30 X $5 (Let’s just use Fiverr Gig Pricing) and come up with $150. Now remember that you have to mange 30 Fiverr gigs, and remember what a headache it is to communicate with most gig providers. Gladly pay the extra $50 for someone else to take care of everything.. Oh and then it dawns on you that you will also be getting hand created profiles with images and videos, plus great content and the time involved to create it instead of the spun/poor English BS that you normally get on the Fiverr.. Took me about 2 minutes to realize, for me this is a no brainer.
Thanks Dean, for the time and effort you have put into these projects. I look very forward to the results and my follow up reviews.

BHW idiot savant